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About Your Local Florist

...and it just got dreamier

Finding myself owning a small local flower shop just minutes away from my home is a dream come true...and it just gets dreamier.


The first part of the journey is always the wonder. Am I doing what I'm meant to do? Will this exemplify my spirit and  self worth? Having spent many years studying art in both Boston and San Francisco, I still can't say that I had found where my creativity truly belonged, until I walked into Flowers By Melinda in Point Pleasant Beach. In  minutes I was in the throws of peak wedding season surrounded by beautiful flowers and even more beautiful and talented designers.


I serendipitously found my artistic niche in a new medium. FLOWERS!!  How did I not see it?

After some years, LoveFlower was born. My studio sat just behind FBM Bridal, a quaint bridal gown store..we were a one stop shop. Flowers and dresses. Dresses and flowers... It was a dream. This experience enhanced my knowledge of not just keeping up with the floral trends, but more importantly, how to get to know a bride and how to LISTEN to the vision. It was soon time to expand as both of our businesses were growing.  Next stop, Manasquan!! It's still close to my customers from Point Pleasant Beach,  but even closer to my home and family. Dream come true. They say timing is everything, and I believe 'them'. I have an artist (decorator friend) Spring Whitaker, a local artist who is known for her paintings of animals with deep expressive eyes and personalities who like to wear flower crowns,.who was also looking to relocate, and she had a brilliant idea ... and it just got dreamier.

Come visit Spring and I and the green velvet couch at 213 Parker Ave. Manasquan NJ 08736

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